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Genes: It doesn't have to "run in your family."

The Role of Genetics vs. Lifestyle

You are not stuck with your symptoms or many diseases!

It might feel like it sometimes, but you are not destined to have diseases or symptoms just because they run in your family.

Genetics does play a role in your health, but it’s a very small role (less than 10%). Your health is not predetermined, but it is primarily affected by your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle could include:

  • Food

  • Pesticides

  • Pollution

  • Ingredients in products

  • Stress

  • Trauma

  • Thoughts/emotions

  • How you do or don’t move your body

This puts a lot of responsibility on you (and me!) because access to a safer lifestyle is not easy for each of us in an equal way. While we advocate for easier access to healthy lives, try to focus on doing the next best thing for YOU.

This could look different for each of us:

  • Doing something to build muscle every day (squats, push-ups, safely using weights, walking hills, etc)

  • Eating a vegetable with every meal

  • Switching out 1 skincare or cleaning product at a time for something safer

  • Getting sunshine on your skin first thing in the morning

  • Not eating 2-3 hours before bed

Being “proactive” means you do what you can to support your body, giving her what she needs to thrive.

Waiting until you have a serious diagnosis, forces you to react and recover. Even if you aren’t dealing with intense symptoms right now, you can create the conditions for long-term health.

If that’s you, now is an important time to learn about gut health, inflammation, and the foundations of a healthy, energetic, human body.

Be consistent with a small change every month. It will make a difference long-term!

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