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Building Trust With Your Body (even with menstrual cycle issues)

Trust is a key component of any relationship, and that’s also true when it comes to your relationship with your body & menstrual cycle.

Trust is what allows your body to relax, sigh, and be present.

Why & how to create more trust in your body while creating balance in your menstrual cycle...

So much of society has taught us to distrust our bodies!

From our first period on, we’re told that we need pharmaceuticals to prevent pregnancy, regulate our menstrual cycle, numb painful periods, and then we need medical intervention to get pregnant.

The reality is that our society has failed miserably when it comes to actually supporting our bodies, menstrual cycles and fertility.

If you’re still reading this, then you probably want another way.

I believe the desire (wanting another way) is proof that it must exist.

And that’s exactly what I offer my clients… another way to relate with your body + create support and nourishment in your body.

You are not stuck with your symptoms and you’re not a victim to them.

You have much more power to shift what you’re experiencing than you’ve ever been taught.

You can choose another way.

How to trust your body more:

Sometimes trust in your body leads you to make different decisions, and sometimes making different decisions FIRST helps you to trust yourself more along the way.

Sometimes I talk with women who aren’t really sure if their bodies can heal.

They wonder if they can really experience easy, regular, pain-free periods and healthy fertility.

If they can really experience a life where they’re comfortable in their own skin and enjoying life (instead of just pushing through it).

I’m here to hold that belief FOR you.

You can borrow my trust until you really feel it in your body.

I give 100% to my clients, and they give 100% in return.

And when you feel beautifully supported + guided, your body does what she’s meant to do - she creates balance.

I am gifting a fertility tracker to all new clients for the month of April.

It’s an amazing time of year to make a big shift to support yourself.

If you resonate with my approach to health and hormones, I invite you to book a free consult at the "Contact" tab above.

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