There are a few ways to work with me...

Whole Person Health

This is my signature program! This program is what I wish I had when I was feeling so exhausted all the time, had painful periods, acne, stomach pain and felt so alone when I was told that nothing was technically "wrong" with me.

This is what you get when you sign up for Whole Person Health:

  • Lifetime access to online content (10 modules on stress, gut health and hormones)

  • 1-on-1 welcome call with Samantha to go over your intake form and get you started

  • 1 package full of products/items to get you started (~$500 value)

  • 2 functional tests: Minerals/metals test + Gut health test (~$1000 value)

  • 6 months of access to weekly group calls to receive personal coaching, support and guidance.

  • 6 weeks of personal guidance through a gentle detox protocol.

*You can opt-in to a 1-on-1 version of Whole Personal Health, where I meet with you personally (rather than in a group setting). With this option, you also receive an additional hormone test (DUTCH test). This option is for those who want an added level of support and depth. Ask about this option on your free Discovery call.

Sign up for a free 45 min Discovery Call to see if I can help you.

After the free call, you’ll walk away with clear steps to start feeling more energetic and confident in the coming weeks.

I can answer questions you may have about working with me, yet there is never any pressure. I'm here to cheer you on!

Whole Person Health DIY
("Do it yourself")

This is a great option if you’re a “do it yourself” kind of person.

If you feel like you just want the info and you don’t need the personal guidance…

If you want to dip your toes in the water and see what this is all about…

Then this was made for you with love!

Let’s say you go through the content and feel great with your results… Then I am cheering you on in the background!

Let’s say you go through the content and then want more support from me… Then I am happy to offer you a discount equaling the amount you spent on this program when you upgrade.

What you get when you sign up:

  • Lifetime access to online content (10 modules on stress, gut health and hormones)

  • Access to a “feed” where you can ask questions. Samantha will check them a few times a week.

The content is essentially the same as in the original Whole Person Health program, but it’s organized differently to help you navigate the modules on your own.

Your Stress Kit


I'm so excited to offer a series of conversations and guidance with my dear friend, Kristi Marcuson, LMFT on creating a lifestyle that supports your stress response!