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Whole Person Health

Are you tired of feeling tired all the time?

Do you dread your period, running to over-the-counter pain meds to stave off the cramps and moodiness that hijack your life every month?

Maybe it’s the cyclical acne breakouts or eczema that make you feel like you can’t just BE the confident, beautiful self that you want so badly.

I’ve been there!

I know what it’s like to get stuck in the spiral of mean, degrading thoughts about yourself.

"If only I could lose weight, have clearer skin, easy periods, and more energyTHEN I’d be able to enjoy life on MY terms."

I'll let you in on a little secret:

YOU have the power to create the change you desire in your life.

You don’t have to feel rundown and depleted.

You CAN feel really supported, balanced, pain-free, and confident.

And YOU are the only one who can initiate the change that will usher in those feelings you want to create.

Let's check in: Do you believe it?

Do you believe (or at least want to believe) that you can create balance in your body?

If your answer is “YES”… then this is for you.

Our second check-in is this: Are you ready for big changes?

If you’re not, there’s no shame in that!

But this offer is for you if you’re ready to create big changes.

How do you know if you’re ready?

Ask yourself, “How did I feel when asked that question?”

Did you feel any tinge of excitement (maybe a little fear mixed in), relief, or inner voice yelling, “YES!”

If you feel drawn CLOSER to the screen, this is for you.

If you feel repelled in any way, maybe another path is for you.

No shame, nothing wrong, just a different path.

Now for those of you still here…

I’m EXCITED to share the possibilities for you to CREATE the type of health in your body that helps you feel incredibly thankful, supported, guided, and BALANCED again.

If you’re ready to wake up feeling ready for the day, happy to see your kiddos, and excited to live in your body, then I’m here to encourage you.

If you want your period to feel like a BLIP in the month, like a reminder to slow down and support yourself (not an all-consuming shit show), then I’m here to champion you toward your goals.

This isn’t a pipe dream.

You may not have been told that PMS, cramps, and moodiness are signs you have a lot of inflammation in your body.

You may not have been told that acne and eczema are incredibly connected to your gut health.

You may not have been told that hormonal birth control depletes nutrients and puts your hormones into a state that mimics menopause.

You may not have been told that your exhaustion is connected to imbalanced minerals.

We’re not told a lot of things about our bodies…

Maybe you haven’t always had the information you needed to make really empowered decisions in the past.

But that’s not the case anymore.

You can create energy, balance, and confidence, and here’s how I believe wholeheartedly that I can guide and support you to do just that.

1. Test your gut and your minerals. (When these are solid, your body is able to balance your hormones.)

2. Address any infections + imbalances in your gut.

3. Utilized a made-just-for-you supplement targeting exactly what your body needs to balance your minerals.

4. Do a gentle detox that supports the connection between your pituitary gland & hypothalamus in your brain to reduce inflammation & increase your energy very quickly.

5. Create a supportive lifestyle one small, sustainable change at a time with guidance based on what your unique body + mind need.

If this sounds amazing… like a breath of fresh air, like an exciting adventure, like you can’t wait to get started, or like a big, scary possibility that pulls you in

Then I really believe you’re in the right place and Whole Person Health is the opportunity for YOU.

Here’s what you receive when you sign up to work with me 1-on-1:

Whole Person Health
Investment:  $6,000 (or 6 payments of $1200)

This 6-month coaching, course, and testing package is for you if you want to balance your hormones in a supported, guided, efficient, and low-stress way.

We cut through the noise and information overload.

Samantha will provide top-notch testing to get to the root causes of WHY you’re experiencing hormonal imbalance and address what your unique body needs.

You will receive:
  • 1-hour intake session (to go over your extensive health intake form)
  • Gut & mineral tests taken in the comfort of your home ($1000 value)
  • Supplements and products based on your test results ($1000 value)
  • 1-hour session going over test results + protocols
  • Lifetime access to the Whole Person Health course material (10 modules on topics to support balanced hormones, including gut health, stress, circadian rhythm, fermented food workshops, meditations, etc.)
  • Guidance through a 6-week "Balanced & Grounded" gentle detox protocol
  • Bi-weekly 30-minute check-in sessions (total of 10 sessions over 6 months)


"I was so overwhelmed with all the changes that needed to be implemented and your program guided me to make ginormous changes gently and strategically! One of the immediate changes was the elimination of brain fog and inflammation. That gave me so much more energy to focus on implementing more healthy choices...You modeled examining self-sabotaging behaviors with compassion and curiosity, and this really helped me get to the underlying issues so that I could move toward more support and self-care."



"Eczema on my shoulders has completely disappeared! I've used creams and scrubs to no avail, and going through the program has taken care of it."
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