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Meet Samantha!

I actually had no idea I was dealing with symptoms of hormonal imbalance all throughout my teens and twenties. I would feel so anxious each month when I’d start feeling cramps. I’d run to over-the-counter pain medication because once the pain was too intense, it was hard to reverse. This was my normal. No one in my life realized this was a sign of any problems because period pain has been so normalized in our society. I didn’t know painful cramping was actually a sign that I was dealing with a lot of inflammation in my body. 


I had acne all throughout my teens and twenties as well. I used ProActive and other topical ways of managing my breakouts with minimal success. I never went out without makeup because I really hated my skin and had a cruel loop of demeaning thoughts about myself and the way I looked. I had no idea there was an incredibly strong link between my gut health and my skin. 


Then when I started feeling exhausted every single day in my mid-twenties, I hit a wall that I couldn’t bypass. I was just dying to get through work and school. I took naps in my car, at the park, in the library… whenever I had a few moments. This was the breaking point for me, where I just couldn’t enjoy my life anymore and there were no more “band-aids” to put over my symptoms. Doctors said I was healthy because blood tests came back within normal range, but I did not feel well. I knew something was wrong, but there was no diagnosis or conventional way of helping me feel better. 


I tried exercising more and doing extreme diets, and none of it helped. I eventually went on a 5-year journey of piecing together my health, finding that gut health, stress, and inflammation were the root causes of my exhaustion. It wasn’t until I really started focusing on my gut health that I improved my period and my skin. At that point I had a realization that the cramps and skin issues that I had been experiencing for over a decade were connected to my exhaustion. My body had been trying to communicate with me (using louder and louder messages) that I had built a lifestyle that resulted in imbalances in my body. 


Piece by piece, I started acting as the creator of my life, rather than the victim of my environment. I finally became an adult in a sense, advocating for what I needed and teaching myself how to really support ME. My period became a blip in the month (instead of all-consuming), and I now have the energy to do what I desire in life (and know how to support myself when I’m feeling really drained).


My skin is clearer than it ever was, and I feel more confident that I’m putting my “best face forward.” I created a life that I feel really proud of and a younger version of me hadn’t even known was possible. 


Now, I love guiding women who are experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance in becoming their own creators, supporting their stress response, gut health, and inflammation, discerning what foods and practices work for their unique bodies, so they can enjoy their lives more fully. 


I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all lifestyle. I believe in empowering YOU to listen to your own body and make decisions based on how you feel and want your life to look.

As for my qualifications, I am a Board-Certified Functional Wellness Coach through ANWCB, a Certified Health Coach by the Institute for Functional Health Coaching, a certified Fermentationist through the Fermentationist Certification Program, a SHAPE ReClaimed Certified Practitioner, and a Reiki Master via Saffron and Sage.

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