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Meet Samantha!

I am a Board-Certified Functional Wellness Coach who focuses on gut health as a means to help you feel energetic and resilient so you can live a life you love!


If you don't feel great, there are reasons. My job is to guide you along the process of change. Health isn't about any one thing you do every now and then, but it's about the general direction that your lifestyle is moving you toward.


Gut health is the cornerstone of health. If your gut is not well, you are probably seeing issues with your digestion, immune system, skin, weight gain, mental functioning, blood sugar levels, joint pain or hormones.


When we work together, we look at your lifestyle from a variety of angles that directly affect your gut and your symptoms. I can help you transform the way you view and respond to stress, the quality of your sleep, and the quality of food you eat. You will create a lifestyle that is uniquely fitted to how your body feels and your personal desires. 


All areas of your life are interconnected, and they are all rooted in your gut health, which directly supports your long-term energy and resilience. I do not believe in a one-size fits all lifestyle. I believe in empowering YOU to listen to your own body and make decisions based on how you feel and want your life to look.