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Whole Person Health

Creating a lifestyle that works for you

It's time to reclaim your health and breathe vitality, energy and tranquility into your life.

Of course this sounds good, but you want to know how you're going to do this in ten weeks.

In the video above, I go into detail about the program and how it works. Here are the basics: throughout the program, you'll be working directly with me and a small group of like-minded individuals on addressing the main root causes of many symptoms you experience: stress, gut health and inflammation. Using the SHAPE ReClaimed protocol, we'll complete a gentle cleanse, begin reducing inflammation in our bodies, and strengthen our gut health.

The next session starts June 7, 2021. It's time to start feeling amazing.

"The Whole Person Health program helped me get back on track with eating properly by eliminating the inflammatory foods causing me hip and joint pain, numbness and terrible pain in my arm that kept me from sleeping at night. My pain is gone and I'm back to sleeping through the night. I'm feeling really good again. The SHAPE drops have helped eliminate my sugar cravings, which has been a chronic issue for me for years."

- Ginny K -

This program is for you if:

  • You're experiencing symptoms related to inflammation (i.e. tiredness, gut/digestive issues, skin problems, anxiety, depression, joint pain, unwanted weight gain, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, allergies, diagnoses, etc.) and want relief by addressing the root issues underneath them.

  • You want to increase your energy.

  • You want to avoid future symptoms by strengthening your immune system via lifestyle changes.

  • You want a well-rounded, whole person understanding of health, starting with what you eat and moving on to the routines you have and thoughts you think.

  • You want to have the social support of a group of participants.

What You Get

Products Mailed to You

  • SHAPE Drops - Homeopathic support that addresses the four underlying causes of disease: inflammation, toxicity, immune deficiency and excess weight.

  • Program Guidebook

  • Urinalysis Strips (weekly personalized feedback)

Weekly Live Q&A

  • One hour meetings via Zoom, where you are encouraged to ask questions, interact and receive/give support

Facebook Group

  • A safe space for unlimited support, where you can access videos and other educational material, ask questions, share your experiences, and reach out to me, Samantha, on weekdays.

Educational Material

  • Weekly videos, documents, and/or articles that guide you in improving the way you respond to stress, supporting your gut health, and reducing inflammation. Additional relevant material will also be shared on topics of interest.

"I have had such great success and seen results with this program. My main goals were to lose weight and to reduce the pain and inflammation in my knees. I have lost 15 lbs and my pain and inflammation is more manageable. I have tried other weight management tools out and failed. Samantha is knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging, and provides us with information to help us meet our goals. The Phases and food options have helped keep things simple and I can't wait to continue the program to reach my end goal. I definitely recommend this program!"

- Elia Sanchez -

How do I know if this is a good fit for me?

Schedule a free 30 min. discovery call!


Bring Your Friends Discount:

For every friend you refer who joins, you'll get 10% off the price.

"I decided to use Samantha to help me jump start a better lifestyle. The changes have been easy to make and I can definitely do them for the long term. Samantha is caring, knowledgeable and gives doable advice!"

- Anonymous -

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