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Recommended Resources

Disclosure: I only recommend resources that I personally use and/or believe in. I may receive a small compensation when you use the links provided and purchase products or services. Click the underlined links below for access.


Yourlabwork is where you can access and purchase discount lab pricing directly to you for a 50-80% savings.


What you put on your skin is JUST AS important as what you eat. Beautycounter's products are a safer choice for your body and overall health.


Prep Dish is a meal planning service that sends you healthy recipes and shopping lists every week. It takes a lot of the thinking out of the process and saves time.

Prep Dish is offering you a 2 week trial!


Hormonal birth control can have negative effects on our health. It's not the only reliable option you have! Use the code "DaysyUS+347" to get $15 off your Daysy Fertility Tracker.



The products we use in our homes affect our bodies whether it gets on our skin or is inhaled. Mygreenfills has eco-friendly & safe ingredients for laundry and cleaning products.

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