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I love empowering women who are experiencing painful, heavy or irregular periods to nourish themselves and create lives that enable them to experience easy, regular, pain-free periods and healthy fertility.

The unbearable cramping, anxiety over bleeding through another tampon in public, and fear that your period is MIA forever aren't going anywhere if you don't do something different.


Symptoms don't disappear on their own. They are messages from your body that you need support. And if you don't give your body the support she needs, your body will only send louder messages (worsening symptoms).

Do you want to feel balanced, stable, energetic, confident, and pain-free?

The most direct and least stressful way toward your desires is through kind guidance and support, high-quality testing, targeted supplements, and sustainable lifestyle changes.

I am here to guide you through the process of creating a solid foundation of support in your body in a way that is low-stress and unique to your history, current symptoms, and health goals. 

You aren't meant to suffer, and you aren't meant to do this alone. You're meant to be supported through every phase of life. You have kind, caring, nourishing options to create ease in your body and mind. Check out ways to work with me and access to a free consult below!



"Samantha Sanchez is a knowledgeable and helpful health coach. Her health coaching consists of more than just physical wellness but also mental and emotional health which can help you lead a more wholesome life. She works to understand underlying issues and sets a plan so that incremental changes will last over time. If you are looking for a person to lead you in the right direction to better your overall health, I highly recommend Samantha."

- Ben P.

"I decided to use Samantha to help me jump start a better lifestyle. The changes have been easy to make and I can definitely do them for the long term. Samantha is caring, knowledgeable and gives doable advice!"

- Anonymous

"This Whole Health Program has been a good choice for me. This has helped control my inflammation. I have always had problems with my joints and body pain especially in my knees. It has taught me to make better choices in my eating habits. I am now feeling better lost weight and active again."

- Irene H.

Why Naturopathy
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